Apple has been producing amazing products since the beginning and in the last few years the release of the MacBook Air and the iPad have been game changers.  And yet here comes another excellent revision of an already awesome product; the iPad.

Now that we’ve all gotten over the lack of cut and paste functionality of the iPhone, we’ve downloaded a million apps, and we’ve worn through countless lithium polymer batteries in the process, what more can Apple do to keep us shelling out cash for their latest and greatest?

I was so excited that on the 2nd I went down to the Apple Store in Phoenix, Arizona to see what all the fuss was about and talk to the Geniuses to get their input and for me there are five things in particular that have me ready to go buy an iPad 2:

  1. Built-in magnets which eliminate the need for a case to protect the device
  2. A much faster dual-core processor so we can use and build more robust and useful applications
  3. A one month standby time to reduce trips to the charger
  4. PhotoBooth and FaceTime on the iPad 2 is stunning and extremely convenient, we can now finally use Skype correctly on it
  5. The same great price (comparatively speaking that is), if  you don’t have enough in your pocket, just go for the 16GB version which in my view is already pretty decent

Do let me know about your thoughts too, if you think otherwise, feel free to shout it out in the comments below.

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One Response to 5 Reasons for getting to the Apple Store early on March 11th for an iPad 2

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    isai says:

    say the lowest price for ipad2

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