At the age of 11 I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I could open my toy car with a screw driver and check what is inside the same. All that I knew was to break it open using harsh methods! Things surely have changed and kids are growing pretty fast when you see kids like Dino Zaharak who has come up with a docking system that works perfectly for iPad, iPhone and iPods.

Dino Zaharak was challenged by his dad and at the young age of 11 he took the challenge overly seriously. The result was a docking system that universally works with the huge sized iPad and anything else which might not be an apple product. One will not have to remove the charge and sync cable to hold your device onto this dock thus the gadget stays charged up when you ready to carry it with yourself.

The docking system comes in blue, lime , silver, red, black  and white colors. It will cost you $29.99 though you can grab it for $19.99 in case you use the coupon code DZPRNEWS. We are not sure if Dino Zaharak will get to keep all the profits that this dock makes but he surely has been gifted with a new mobile phone for what he has achieved. Smart kid!

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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One Response to Designed by 11 year old: Dzdock is the perfect dock for your iPad

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    Maria says:

    I got my dzdock as a Christmas gift. WOW!!!
    Best quality stand i have ever seen. I can use it with my iPhone and my nook, my dad takes it and uses it with his iPad. I reaaly like the finish on my red dzdock. Its smooth and slmost silky. The rubber feet work great, so that it kind of sticks on my desk. What I was suprised with is how well it worked on my flight to California. I used it to hold my dads iPad and watch a movie and play games. It realy made the trip easier and I didnt have to hold the iPad so I could releax in my chair.

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