It seems that the gold standard Flash web video player might get replaced in near future, and its successor is coming from DivX. DivX has developed a new technology that will allow DivX to replace the standard Flash video player, but does this latest technology have what it takes to replace Flash web video player?

The latest technology that comes from DivX is called DivX HiQ, and this technology should replace Flash video player with DivX Web Player. This technology already has several advantages over Flash when it comes to performances. Unlike Flash, DivX HiQ uses less processor power so it’s faster alternative. Currently, DivX HiQ works on several websites such as Motion, Facebook, ESPN, MetaCafe, Revision3, The Onion, Vimeo, and YouTube, but the positive that the number will increase over time.

So is the DivX HiQ the future of online video? It’s early to tell, but with low consumption of CPU resources it might become someday.

[via Ubergizmo]

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