If you care about the environment, you should probably get one of those electric bikes. They are much more eco-friendly than any car. Of course, although electric bikes work great, they still need to be recharged with electrical power, and that type of recharge will also drain nature’s resources. Luckily, solution comes from Japan and it is called Solar Cycle Station.

Solar Cycle Station is a bike stand that allows owners to charge their electronic bikes using solar power. In standard version, this bike stand comes with three solar modules and it can reach a maximum output of 79.8V with operating current of 7.84A. According to the developer, Kyocera, estimated power generated with the Solar Cycle Station can produce up to 1.14kWh if it is facing towards south. As for the number of bikes this station can charge, you’ll be pleased to hear that it can charge up to six bikes simultaneously.

Solar Cycle Station might be amazing, but it’s quite expensive. If you want one, you’ll have to pay $23,000 for it.

[via CrunchGear]

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