There have been a lot of rumors and speculations about the mysterious Sony gaming handheld phone, we’ve had doubts but according to the latest news it seems that stories about PlayStation Phones are true.

So far, no official information has been revealed, but new information about this phone have become apparent. According to the news, it seems that this phone is currently running Android 2.X, although we all hoped to see Android 3.0 on it. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice A and B buttons on the screen, which suggests that this phone is only a prototype and that its running an early version of the software.

As we find out, PlayStation Phone comes with the codename Zeus, and will feature something known as the Z-system. Z-system is owned by Sony Ericsson and it seems that Z-system is the software that will be used for playing video games, so Z-system might be a gaming platform or a game store.

Not surprisingly, Sony hasn’t responded to any of these rumours and despite the claim that these pictures are fake, information about this phone have been confirmed by multiple, reliable sources. What is the truth behind PlayStation Phone? We’ll find out soon.

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    […] few days ago, Sony’s PlayStation Phone / PSPhone myth was brought back to reality with the leak of its photo running Google Android and also featuring a syste…, possibly a gaming platform. While we’ve had tons of concepts and designs in the past from […]

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