Adobe has announced Adobe Air version 2.5 which will be compatible with Tablets, Phones, and TVs. The new cross-platform runtime environment will help the Adobe Air run on TVs and tablets without any compatibility issues. The Adobe Air 2.5 will support multi-touch gestures, accelerometers, GPS data, cameras and microphones and hardware acceleration with silicon varying in different ranges.

To add spice to the announcement Adobe will be helping developers bring their apps built on Adobe Air 2.5 into the market by partnering with them and the stores. In return Adobe will charge a minimum of 30 percent (which is actually huge) to take care of billing, hosting and app store approval.

Though Adobe hints (not officially) that the service might be free for the first year if users sign up instantly. Please be informed that the new Adobe apps won’t anyhow be compatible with Apple products (as expected) but they surely will run very smoothly with Intel products and other third party products.

Adobe confirms that the Samsung SmartTV will run Adobe Air 2.5 when this is launched in 2011. Air 2.5 will also be the standard in RIM BlackBerry playbook. Well, things already seem to be on a roll.

[via Engadget]

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