iCub: World’s first archer robot

On September 29, 2010, in Robotics, by Mike Jefferson

Dr. Petar Kormushev and Italian Institute of Technology created this robot which can use a bow and an arrow on its own. This robot is called iCub and it’s the first robot that can do this complicated set of action, but what’s even more unique is that iCub can learn to improve its skills over time.

In fact, it can master archery skills after only eight tries so that it can hit bulls-eye without an error. iCub is using a special learning algorithm called ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression) that helps him to hit the target, its all based on accurate calculations. After each trial, iCub sees where the arrow hits and according to that position it adjusts its next shoot until it hits the bulls-eye.

As you can see, the best thing about iCub is that it learns on trial and error basis, almost like a human. Despite this, we have to ask ourselves, do we really want a robot that can handle a bow and arrow or any other type of weapon?

[via Technabob]

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2 Responses to iCub: World’s first archer robot

  1. 1
    mona says:

    robots above mentioned are cool especially iCub as to targets and hits accurately there which is very usefull for national securities

  2. 2
    Maaz says:

    This type of robots can become dangerous as well, we cannot trust machine on every thing. because there is always a chance of error and malfunctioning. Using these robots for productive things and for some fun is acceptable, but these cannot be trusted with serious matters like national security

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