Just came across this awesome new concept whilst browsing the Tokyoflash blog. The Japanese based design studio have always been known for their ridiculously confusing watches but this latest one has indeed reach their greatest height ever. With that cool, black metallic, gun-metal like body, the Optical Illusion LED Watch boasts a screen of black and green maze which is meant to house the time.

With the image below, I certainly cannot understand why the time is 0536. Luckily, the designer of the watch have also created a solution for those like me.

Just press the button and see the green LEDs animate to light up the whole face and show you time in 4 big digits – no counting required.

If you can’t see the time on the standard display, just touch the button and the background will fill to outline the individual digits. Wow your friends with your amazing sixth sensory powers.

Head over to the concept page via the link below and give them some thumbs up if you agree that this by far has been their most confusing concept 🙂 I certainly hope this concept will be one that does make it to the production lines.

[via Tokyoflash]

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