New improved Yahoo Mail is on its way

On September 21, 2010, in Latest News, Social Networking, by Mike Jefferson

Windows Live Mail and Gmail are currently the most popular webmail services but that doesn’t mean that others such as Yahoo Mail are neglected. Speaking of Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail just had some interface changes so let’s check it out.

While Windows Live Mail and Gmail are the most used webmail services at the moment, and in order to compete with them Yahoo has decided to update its Yahoo Mail service a bit. Yahoo has announced that its Yahoo Mail will be cleaner, faster, and more sociable and that we should see this new interface arrive in the next few weeks. It seems that the new Yahoo Mail will have better Flickr and YouTube support in your emails and thanks to it each time when you open an email with Flickr photo or YouTube video it will automatically embed itself into the video.

Another interesting improvement is Facebook and Twitter support and with it, you’ll be able to update your Twitter and Facebook statuses directly through Yahoo Mail. Improved Yahoo Mail sounds promising enough, and we can’t wait to see it in action, but will it be enough to compete with Windows Live Mail or Gmail.

[via Ubergizmo]

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