It seems that the Galaxy brand from Samsung will soon be getting more devices in near future and the latest news suggests it will be a portable media player. Upcoming portable media player from Samsung named Galaxy Player 50 will have lots of features to offer and will also be powered by Android too.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 comes with a 3.2-inch display that will be able to handle all sorts of video files, and speaking of video files, Galaxy Player 50 will support DivX, H.264 video file formats as well as your standard audio and video formats.

As for the storage space, there will be two models of Galaxy Player 50 available on the market, the one with 8 GB of internal memory and the one with 16 GB of storage space. In addition, this device will feature a two megapixel camera and it will have 802.11b/g/n WiFi connectivity.

Of course, Galaxy Player 50 will have all sorts of Google apps available on it such as Google Maps Navigation and Gmail. In addition, there will be a ton of many other apps available as well since Galaxy Player 50 will have access to the Android Market.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 will have plenty of premium PMP functions, there are not many portable devices at the moment that boast a combination of all these, probably the iPod Touch is one which will come to everyone’s mind. Unfortunately there aren’t many other information available just yet, therefore price and its release date will remain unconfirmed until later on.

[via Ubergizmo]

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2 Responses to New PMP enters Galaxy lineup: Samsung Galaxy Player 50

  1. 1
    Shareware says:

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely my mp3!!!! All I need now it to ask my dad to buy it! I should point out some good points of it that he cannot resist to buy me it! I heard sound quality is the best here, because Samsung use its unique function SoundAlive here. And I like design – its design is really glamorous. All I need for Christmas is G50!

  2. 2
    ppopp says:

    2Shareware: you should preorder it on Amazon if you want to get it! because as far as I understood they dont sell it out yet…much the same goes for all Samsung products, that is suck))(( so I dont get why they push up terms so much, – I am really concidering this player but the more they delay the more I wanna buy another player! ))

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