Speed has never been a limit for mankind and when it comes to processors that speed up your machines then the likes of IBM, Intel and AMD (to some extent) have always been breaking their own records. Well, it has happened again and this time it is IBM that claims to have come up with world’s fastest processor namely z196. This chip is said to be of 5.2 GHz capacity and (hopefully) delivers its top notch speed.

From a performance standpoint, the zEnterprise System is the most powerful commercial IBM system ever. The core server in the zEnterprise System — called zEnterprise 196 — contains 96 of the world’s fastest, most powerful microprocessors, capable of executing more than 50 billion instructions per second. That’s roughly 17,000 times more instructions than the Model 91, the high-end of IBM’s popular System/360 family, could execute in 1970.

z196 won’t require any liquid nitrogen based assistance which could be an added advantage as its capacity won’t be due to super cooling systems. The chip is said to handle over 50 billion instructions per second whereas it has been claimed that Fujitsu’s Venus CPU can handle over 128 billion calculations per second. It is clear that IBM will have to face tough debate before z196 is officially the fastest.

[via Engadget]

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2 Responses to IBM 5.2 GHz z196 is the world’s largest processor

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    rollynunez says:

    That's super speed.

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