With advent of technology and the bunch of “entry level” DSLRs being pushed into the market by the likes of Canon and Nikon, photography has become a “serious” passion for plenty. Walk by the roadside and you will get to see some nerdy looking photographer showing of a sexy DSLR.

People who own DSLRs buy tripods so as to avoid shake in images and some of them do end up clicking really amazing photographs. But, there has always been a genre of photographers who own pocket cameras and are fed up of shake in images. It is literally hard for them to hold the camera still for 10 seconds so as to avoid images without any blur. For such frustrated kinds we have a new and very portable pocket tripod.

Though one can always use a string so as to steady the pocket camera but that can surely be pretty tedious for people who a pocket camera (why will a ‘pocket camera’ owner take so much pain for steady images?) This is when innovation was required and looks like readySteady seems to have come up with the perfect solution for steady images via a pocket camera or your standard point and shoot camera.

readySteady is actually a small rollover stand (easily fits into your pocket) that can be used to mount over your pocket camera and later click super steady photographs. readySteady attaches to your camera using a standard tripod mount thus helping your camera stay still. It is made up of aluminium thus it is strong enough to take load of your camera. The mini tripod is available in black and aluminium colors for $29.99 (free shipping).

[readySteady via Crunchgear]

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