It is not Volkswagen who has done this discovery though it is their own Beetle on which this new discovery has been tested so Volkswagen is enjoying the free publicity. Humanity has been continuously looking for alternative fuels to power their gadgets as we all know that one day earth will run short of non-renewable fuel, ie oil. Thinking on the same lines, a UK based company namely GENeco has come up with bio fuel which they tested on the costly Volkswagen Beetle and their experiment seems to have been a success. The bio gas which they used to run the Beetle was actually made from human waste which is surely an eye catcher.

The best part of this experiment was that the Volkswagen Beetle didn’t show any downsides in performance due to the bio gas. The top speed was as usual 114 miles per hour which it shows with the regular petrol. Stats from GENeco say that human waste from around 70 homes in UK will be required to run one vehicle for over 10,000 miles. The number 10,000 miles turns out to be the average mileage for most of the motorists every year. Henceforth, 70 homes can actually save you a year of petrol.

The catch is that the car will always require a small amount of regular petrol which it will use to start the engine. Once the engine hits one particular temperature then it will automatically switch to bio gas.

[GENeco via Geeky Gadgets]

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