Currently the iPhone 4 is only available in black. Many people would like to have a white iPhone 4 and have been waiting for them to be released. Apple released some good news for white iPhone lovers last week – the white iPhone 4 will be shipping out at the end of July.

Apple had previously announced that the white iPhone 4 would be released in the middle of July, that has obviously changed now. But it seems it is definitely confirmed at the end of July they will be shipped. We hope Apple will come through this time and stay with this deadline instead of the previous one. So we all now await the White iPhone 4 that will be coming to us at the end of this month!

[via Engadget]

Here at GadgetLite we have had many news updates about the iPhone 4 and what has been happening with it, here are just a few recent articles…

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2 Responses to White iPhone 4 will be coming to stores near you from the end of July

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    […] morning we mentioned that Apple has changed the date of when the iPhone 4 will arrive. On 30th of July 2010 Canada will finally receive the iPhone 4. Previously Apple had just said they […]

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    […] again with further problems, there will now be another delay to the white version of the iPhone 4. Originally, it was believed that the white iPhone 4 would be available from the 30th of this month but it looks as if this won’t be happening. In an official statement from Apple’s […]

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