If there ever were such thing as post World Cup blues then this would be the geeky way to cure that condition. ARFootball is an iPhone application which has definitely been inspired by the World Cup lets you play footy via augmented reality technology on your iPhone.

It is a simple iPhone 4 app that enables the user to juggle a virtual football at their foot. The app offers different level of difficult and allows you to play in free play mode or arcade mode.

Check it out in the video below…

Unfortunately, ARFootball is only available for iOS 4, and isn’t free, costing you £0.59. Check it out at our source link below.

If you’re planning on getting the app, we would recommend that you refrain from playing it out in the streets because you would look like a real idioit :)

[via App Store]

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One Response to ARFootball – augmented reality football app for iPhone 4

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    Alancse says:

    There is another augmented reality football app that just came out, called Upsies!

    This one has a full 3D ball, sound effects, and a proper physics engine. It's also got much better motion detection, and is heaps of fun.


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