As you know web browser war is still taking its place and as far as we can see it it’s not going to end soon. On one side, we have Microsoft and their Internet Explorer while on the other there are Firefox, Chrome and similar browsers. If you thought that Firefox and Chrome have won the war you’re seriously mistaken because Microsoft is working hard on their latest browser.

There’s no need to mention that Internet Explorer has lost a lot of users over the years. Therefore in order to restore its former audience Microsoft has shown another preview of their latest browser. During the preview Microsoft introduced DirectX  based 2D and video acceleration of HTML 5 content so we got some interesting results such as hundreds of fish swimming inside our browser at 60 fps.

Interesting thing is the Internet Explorer is using your GPU to render those elements and it’s the first browser that does that. Thanks to GPU usage we can now enjoy in HTML 5 image operations such as zoom, scrolling, vector graphics and so on. Interesting thing is that this demo ran perfectly on the IE 9 while others browsers had some trouble with it, because they were using CPU power for rendering. As for notebook users, they will have to have decent GPU in order to enjoy IE 9 to the fullest.

Although new IE 9 has all sorts of interesting features to offer it won’t be enough to get its audience back. We’re just hoping that Microsoft will work on compatibility issues besides GPU support.

[via Ubergizmo]

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2 Responses to Microsoft previewed Internet Explorer 9 – better than Chrome and Firefox?

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    According to me, It's hard to believe that internet explorer 9 would be best or fast rather than Firefox, but according to configuration it could be!

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    Feliciaevans08 says:

    I think not. IE still has the best security over the browsers. Not like with chrome, it may run on sandbox, but Google takes your information with it. IE9 is faster and hopefully will continue to get faster in running code. This is expected and not surprising.

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