HTC smartphones are better than iPhone 4G

On April 20, 2010, in Cell Phones, Operating Systems, by Mike Jefferson

With all new smart phones being released there has been a question: which phone OS is better and why? Well, certain number of people claim that new iPhone OS for next generation of iPhones 4G will be inferior to Android OS. One of the people who’s claiming that iPhone OS is outdated when compared to Android OS is Tobi Raikkonen of OZCAR.

iPhone 4G might sound awesome with its 80GB of storage space and front facing camera but many people are disappointed by the new phone. The main reason for disappointment is that there is going to be advertizing feature on iPhone 4G. Who would like to look at iAds on their iPhone? Aren’t we tired with ads that we see on TV, online and on the radio? I don’t know about you, but I surely am.

Besides annoying ads, people claim that iPhone 4G is just a copy of HTC HD2, and that they would rather stick to the original then to the copy. As I know Apple has always been innovative when it comes to design and it doesn’t seem that Apple would copy anyone, but again, everything is possible.

And for the last reason why people prefer Android OS phones instead of iPhone is that phones with Android OS have 8MP camera and iPhone 4G has only 5MP camera, so this makes iPhone 4G already outdated. Anyway we will see if the accusations against iPhone 4G are true as soon as they release it.

[via TG Daily]

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2 Responses to HTC smartphones are better than iPhone 4G

  1. 1
    sullivan_oneill says:

    Ads make apps free….

  2. 2

    Since I know Apple has always been innovative in design, and Apple does not seem to copy the entire world, but again, anything is possible.

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