Geeky: Medea programmable LED vodka label bottles

On April 14, 2010, in Geeky, by Mike Jefferson

If you want to make your parties a real blast, people from Medea have designed bottles with flashy LED labels on them to help you with that.

These bottles have programmable labels that automatically show your desired message on it. Thanks to the technology of LED, your bottles will glow during party time and attract your guests. Great thing about these bottles is that you can program them to display 6 different messages with limitation that each message can hold up to 255 characters. You can program this funky new bottle with the buttons in each corner and built in battery will make sure that your bottle glows over a year. Another great thing that label will glow and show your programmed text continually for 40 hours, so that more than enough for your parties or other gatherings.

Only problem in my opinion is the programming of the text, because the buttons are positioned on each side of the label. You can’t have QWERTY keyboard on it so you’ll have to toggle back and forth to letters and characters with built in buttons which can sometimes be tiresome and it can take your time. Nevertheless it’s great for putting all sorts of messages for gifts and parties. Just imagine that you walk into a bar and you see all the prices that you need on the bottles themselves glowing.

Anyway, Medea Vodka’s bottles with programmable LED labels will surely be a huge hit as soon as they hit the stores.
[via Geeky Gadgets]

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One Response to Geeky: Medea programmable LED vodka label bottles

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    great post. Is this available by now? I think it would be better to display persuasive words rather than prices. It will surely catch the eyes of those geeky drunkards.

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