We all know how much power saving is important nowadays, since our resources are limited. Therefore we must search for innovative solutions that will help us to save power, and in order to help us with that GE (General Electric) has announced its Smart LED bulb.

Energy Smart LED bulb was invented by the same person that produced light emitting diode, so this revolutionary bulb uses the same technology. This new Smart bulb should be a 40-watt replacement and it should consume just 9 watts. With such consummation it will provide 77 percent energy saving and it will produce almost the same amount of light as 40-watt bulb.  But the thing that is interesting here is that Energy Smart LED will last more than 25 times longer than average bulb, and that’s about 25,000 working hours so you have to agree with me, it’s quite amazing. Just think about the power saving with this new and revolutionary bulb.

New Smart LED bulb is designed to emit direct light downward and all around, and not just at the top of the lampshade like most of the LED bulb do, and unlike current LED bulbs that produce 350 lumen this one will produce 450 which is equal to the 40-watt bulb.

This new Energy Smart LED bulb is quite revolutionary and it should last about 17 years if you use it for 4 hours a day. As for release date, it should be in the late end of this year or in the beginning of 2011.

[via iTechNews]

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