They love fighting with giants. They started as small search engine in their garage but as time passed they slowly started to create that one collection of geniuses that everyone would envy. Well, at least their rivals always envy those classical brains that work for this super genius company Google!

A recent research published in New York Time suggests that Google is actively preparing an alternative to (already lost) iPad which will run on its fav platform, Android! This news became public when Google’s (old and gold) CEO was found discussing the idea of launching a device similar to iPad pretty soon. And he looked excited by the fact that it will run on Android.

Though no specific features of Google’s version of iPad was overheard by this New York Time’s reporter in that party yet experts suggest the device to have almost similar specifications when compared to its counterparts iPad and HP Slate (too).

Considering the fact that the iPad has been recently launched into the market, Google has pretty nice chance to give a strong fight to this Apple product and send shivers into their offices. Also, launching such devices will help push in the fame for people who are super hungry for limelight. Also, android will get that one extra push towards being the best in the market (though their are plenty of competitors).

Long live Apple and long live the thirst of Google to curb down its competition. We get gossip plus entertainment just when we want it.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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