It is always exciting to read news which has been leaked specially by an employee of the respective company. And, if you happen to be an employee of Sprint then this leaked news is surely worth a read for you.

Sprint order form

As per the images gathered by people at Boy Genius Report, Sprint seems to have ordered plenty of new handsets and in those Blackberry 9650, Blackberry 8230, Motorola ES400 seem to outshine all the others. Henceforth, if you are working at Sprint and you are fed up of your current phone then it is time to be excited. Who knows if one of the ordered hand set lands in your own hands? Something that might hurt you is the fact that you might get Motorola ES400 and your college grabs Blackberry 9650!

Though nobody is sure about the real launch date of Blackberry 9650 but speculations have been made that it might hit the markets in the month of May or little late considering the fact that May is already on our heads. Personally, I appreciate all the marketing moves of Research in Motion (the so called RIM) but I think they should remove the word ‘Tour’ (which is what they call the Blackberry 9650) and use the regular (and the more appreciated) ‘Bold’ for Blackberry 9650. Tour just sounds to be different and has no aura attached to it.

Lastly, speculations are being made that the Motorola ES400 will be the Android device and not the regular Windows version. Well, another good news for Android (the fighter) and something more which will force Microsoft to envy Google!

[via BGR]

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