MoviePeg iPhone Stand is just a stand

On March 24, 2010, in Cell Phones, Gadgets, by Salman

MoviePeg is just another cute way to make your lovely iPhone a lot more useful! Well, you surely must have seen plenty of dazzling iPhone stands in the market that always seem to overdo their own motives. Not to forget the iPhone bean bag chair which when launched had made iPhone a weird luxury to possess. Popping out of them all is the newly launched MoviePeg which follows the worldwide famous notion of KISS (keep it simple, stupid).


One can use this tiny little stand to convert iPhone into an alarm clock (if you need one), in kitchen while following recipes, at work while surfing through your how-to guides, and of course as a movie stand that makes your iPhone look like a real theater system (almost!)

It is available in all the possible colors that you can image of (not really all yet, available in many) and comes for the surprising price of £ 4.99. Ain’t that darn cheap for an iPhone stand that can be used like almost anything so as to convert your lovely iPhone into your all time companion? At least it is affordable and pays back value for the money that you invest.

To add to this tiny stuff, you end up doing your bit to the environment when you buy MoviePeg as it is made up of recyclable material. Already feeling proud, huh? To wrap up, it won’t disturb your viewing with any silly LED lightening as it has none attached with it. After all, it’s just a stand!

[MoviePeg via Gizmodo]

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2 Responses to MoviePeg iPhone Stand is just a stand

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    I just received a MoviePeg and I have to say it's a very cool idea. I love the simplicity of MoviePeg and does a great job of functioning as a stand for your iPhone. Just pop it in your pocket and go.

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    henriquemarsh says:

    It is available in all kinds of colors you can image (not really all yet, available in many) and are priced at £ 4.99 amazing. Is not it darn cheap to aniPhone which can be used almost everything to convert your iPhone to your beautiful wife all the time? At least it is affordable and refund the value for the money you invest.
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