Since Apple began accepting pre-orders for their new flagship tablet iPad in the run up to its launch on April the 5th, a new cat and mouse game between Apple and hackers have in fact been quietly underway.


Though the hacker Joshua Hill, otherwise known as P0sixninja who is a member of the Chronic Dev Team, claims to be working on an iPad jailbreak tool called Greenpois0n, he is in fact also appealing for donations so that he can actually buy one when it becomes available – how ironic?


What good will jailbreaking the iPad do? Well the major benefit will no doubt be access to a ton of free third party applications which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find on the App Store under Apple’s tight restrictions. Looking at the screenshots alone, it looks like it could be real and that Posixninja might not be just asking for money so that he can buy an iPad!

[via BlogsDNA, SizzledCore]

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