On February 8, 2010, in Gaming, by Fahad Majidi

This new game? It’s on the road to being a classic, no doubt. Not our words- but those of God Of War creator, David Jaffe who having seen Flower, blogged that it was likely to be “ one of the most emotional games of all times.” Not Using a single button- any button in fact to propel your flowery swirl around in conjunction with Sixaxis motion sensitivity, you return the color to the otherwise monochromatic landscape by swooping over little clumps of flowers, each of which makes a different sound tinkling piano, gently strummed guitar, synthy choral burbles- dependent on color size.


The result is a bit like Sega’s arthouse shooter Rez meets the calming ambience of Flow in a world rejected by Disney animators on the ground of being ‘too pretty’. There’s no peril to be avoided as such, instead challenge comes in the form of collecting flowers in sequence, both to make pleasing runs of musical notes and to open new areas. Obviously there’s an inherent satisfaction to coloring stuff in, and also a sweet visual payoff when you complete a section and a burst of radiant color ripple through the land like the Genesis device from Star Treck II.


Further in, the levels grow in complexity, with currents of wind to negotiate, but the real joy is likely to be the sensation of darting over fields of sun- dapple grass like an invisible dolphin of flowery justice. Which, if nothing else, make a change from shooting men in the face?
[via Gamespot]

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