Apple recently announced its upcoming release, the iPad. iPad is fundamentally a touch screen tablet computer with all the trademark Apple technologies. People and critics are busy pointing at its flaws but higher percentage of the people are surely in love with this latest Apple product. Below are the first /latest five accessories which have just launched for the new iPad.

ipad accessories

  • iPad Dock
    Its Dock is meant to charge your iPad. You can supply power to it with the help of a USB Power Adapter and can use the dock to sync with your computer in order to access its Camera Connection Kit. Price – $29.
  • iPad Keyboard Dock
    Keyboard Dock is very much similar to the above mentioned iPad Dock. The only difference is actually the full size keyboard that comes integrated to this dock. Price – $69.
  • iPad Case
    Apart from protecting your iPad from dust, iPad Case helps you to look at photos and slideshows, or watch movies in a comfortable way. Price – $39.
  • iPad Camera Connection Kit
    The Camera Connection Kit lets you import photos and videos from your computer or digital camera to your iPad and vice versa.
  • iPad USB Power Adapter
    This is a 10W USB Power Adapter which lets you charge your iPad directly without the help of a dock.

These accessories might not give the iPad any technical boost but will surely enhance its usability. We will be updating you with more and more accessories that will come into the market with time.

[via TUAW]

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    Asif says:

    Its shape is good but the battery did not work properly

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