Fusion garage’s JooJoo tablet PC makes conecting to internet qucik and easy. Relaxing on your couch at home or travelling in a train, JooJoo connects you with the world in quickest and simplest way.



JooJoo tablet, earlier known as TechCrunch CrunchPad, was announced in December 2009. The 2.4 pound touch screen tablet as a 12-inch 1366 by 768 pixel display, 1GB of memory and a 4 GB of solid state drive. Rest of the common features include USB 2.0, bluetooth, built-in spakers, Wi-Fi and a Webcam with mic. The JooJoo features just one physical button, used to turn the device on and off. You can moon walk your fingers across the touch screen to navigate your favourite sites.

While it takes at least 30 seconds from your PC to connect to internet, With JooJoo, you can connect to internet in just 9 seconds. Touch screen is very easy to operate with no cluttering of windows or menus.

The JooJoo tablet is just, quite literally, the internet in your hands. Well, so does the apple iPad. While JooJoo beats iPad in major areas, it also lacks in some of  the very important aspects. Though it claims of having 4GB of solid state drive, you actually cannot store file directly to said drive. It also lacks 3G feature which is an important feature to have when it comes to connectivity. Well, you cannot store music files also on this big internet tablet.

Fusion Garage’s JooJoo tablet PC is expected to be in consumer hands by the end of February. However, people may think before buying the JooJoo instead of the ipad for the same price.

[via Gizmodo]

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    supportive says:

    Of course another thing that potential buyer should consider when they want to pre-order this gadget is the litigation by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. Whether or not the case is dismissed in the future, I'd say it is NOT wise to pre-order this thing right now.

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