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On February 1, 2010, in Gadgets, Laptops / Computers, by Dwarka Rao

As technology grow, all gadgets inevitably receive their low-calory diets. In contrast to when it all started with huge room sized computers to desktops, then to laptops and to netbooks & tablet computers. Now markets are making way for All in one keyboard PCs. A Chinese manufacturer namely, Great Wall has come up with Cross PC U510, which is an all in one keyboard PC.

keyboard PC

Similar to the Asus Eee Keyboard PC we’ve featured before. The whole concept of keyboard PC is innovative itself. From one half it is looks quite similar to any other conventional computer keyboard. And its other half offers a 5 inch TFT touchscreen display. This might have made your jaws fall down, but that it is how the new keyboard PC by Great Wall looks like.

Coming to its technical specifications, we have to admit the fact that Cross PC U510 is one powerful unit. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz Nvidia Ion and offers 2GB of primary memory (RAM). With a storage space of 250GB by SATA hard drive, it would offer you with enough storage memory to preserve your files and folders. And with Wi Fi connectivity, Cross PC U510 can be termed as one capable computing unit.

keyboard PC1

Apart from conventional specifications, Cross PC U510 offers you with handwriting recognition system and decent 3D graphics. And if you want to relish its video output on a bigger screen, then it also allows you to connect a normal display, HDTV or even a projector.

But once you connect this keyboard PC with any external display source, then its 5 inch touchscreen display gets deactivated.  Its current market price is 3888 Yuan which makes it around $570 USD.

[via ClonedInChina]

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