CES 2010 was a great festival that covered tons of new releases by numerous companies. Wireless devices have always been a center of attraction. At the festival, RCA showcased the world’s very first realistic Wireless Charger. RCA’s Airnergy is here to answer all questions pertaining to wireless charging technology.


The device features neo-technological circuitry that converts WiFi energy into electricity using air as the medium! The Airnergy utilizes a mini-USB port for connecting to other devices. During a test at the CES, Airnergy successfully charged a Blackberry from 30% to full in about 90 minutes harnessing the power from WiFi signals.


Unlike solar chargers, Airnergy Wireless charger can work 24×7 and even charge itself while you are asleep. It equips a WiFi hotspot power harvesting Battery Pack which keeps on charging itself till the time you remain in a WiFi environment. The number of WiFi hot-spots and the distance from the source can affect the performance of the charger.

RCA Airnergy Wireless charger is based on the technology to harvest WiFi. Developments of partially successful Wirelessly Charging prototypes, which used the same technology, were also witnessed in the past. However, none can match the results shown by RCA’s Airnergy. This amazing device will hit the shelves of the local stores near you in summer this year at a rocking price of 40 USD.

[Via Coated, OhGizmo!]

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