We were sent the Brain Fit iPhone and iPod Touch app by Mobirate for a quick review last week. Brain Fit is an addictive little puzzle game app which has been designed to provide endless hours of fun. Released just earlier this month, Brain Fit costs $0.99.


When we were first given the app name “Brain Fit”, it immediately came across my mind as a game that was played by getting our “non-thinking”, geeky minds thinking once again with timed calculations, complicated maths, as well as recalling shapes and numbers (like that on the Nintendo DS). I was certainly wrong there.

Brain Fit is simple and easy to learn puzzle game, consisting of 90 levels of different difficulty. It must be admitted that we haven’t yet completed all 90 levels, but it wasn’t difficult at all to grasp what it was about and what could be improved. The main challenge of the game is that you can’t rotate any of its pieces, this is unlike the traditional and very much so now “retro” Tetris. Shapes at the bottom can be moved but not rotate to any other spot on your screen, your aim in Brain Fit is therefore to move all coloured shapes in a way that will allow you to fit them perfectly in the yellow squared area above it, without any bits of pieces remaining outside of it.

Here’s a video from Mobirate showing you how Brain Fit is played…

To conclude this quick review, here’s what we felt were good and what could be improved on its next update…


  • Those who like to play puzzles will enjoy Brain Fit, as it will give you hours of endless fun
  • We liked the music Mobirate had put in to make it a more relaxing gameplay experience
  • The game itself was simple, with no lags in loading, touching and dragging of the puzzles worked perfectly


  • While the idea of Brain Fit was probably to keep the game relaxing, we felt it could have other game modes. Our suggestion includes have timed knockouts so that each level would not be proceeded so easily, giving the player abit more challenge
  • It would also have been good to have a scoreboard and so scores could be compared with those of other players of the game

If you’re interested in downloading Brain Fit for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will require at least firmware 2.2, we also recommend checking out other users’ reviews on the App Store here

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2 Responses to Quick review: iPhone game app – Brain Fit

  1. 1

    I’m getting a bit bored with all these brain games – where’s the mindless shooting/action? 🙂

  2. 2
    PSP Go says:

    Great way to train the mind on the commute huh?

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