Check out this absolutely fantastic top list of addictive games by Laptoplogic. We all have bad moody days from now and then where we just don’t find ourselves doing anything productive. If that’s you from time to time and just want to go blank and waste time, then you might like to take a look at this list, this could be especially useful for those of you having exams at the moment!



The games below range from puzzles, to fishing and hang glider, we’re sure there will be at least a few that would suit your mood to wasting time 🙂

1. Bubbles!

Who doesn’t like popping bubble wrap? Due to its ingenious design, the level of joy derived from and time spent wasting popping bubbles can be scaled to the amount popped at once, allowing said procrastinator to have total control over their time-wasting activity.

2. More Bubbles!

All the bubble fun of No. 1, but now with user-controlled size and color options!

3. Don’t Push the Red Button

No, seriously, don’t. I’m warning you. Aren’t you listening? Go away, right now. Now. Don’t click the link.

4. The Mother of All Tetris

Tetoris is not your average Tetris game–it may well never end. If you found the original game addictive, be prepared to lose ten years of your life, because it just might take that long to finish a level.

5. Text Pong

Are you old enough to remember text games? If nothing else, they were a colossal waste of time, which makes them a useful tool in the procrastinator’s arsenal. Text Pong combines the best of two worlds–Pong, which is excruciatingly mind-numbing on its own, and text play, just to slow things down a little more.

6. RPG Stat Builder

RPGs are known to be highly-successful time wasters; one look at a WoW forum will prove that. With this game, you can build your characters stats while clicking a button and hearing weird sound effects.

7. Gen

Get the orange bubbles to the blue bubble without touching the red blob. It sounds easy, but isn’t, and because this game is so well made, which attractive graphics and soothing sound effects, you’re sure to waste hours on it.

8. Boomshine

This game works by clicking one dot with the goal of making other dots touch the first explosion, setting off a chain reaction that makes as many dots explode as possible. Quite addictive–I tested it for three hours just to make sure.

9. Planarity

Basically, this game is a bunch of dots connected by lines. Click and move the dots so that no line crosses another line. It is like an intricate jump of shoestrings, and your mission is to untie them.

10. Tunnel

By far my favorite game, this black and white line game is as addictive as can be. You move your mouse from within a tunnel to pilot through creative holes in rotating discs. it sounds easy, but it is not. The game is simply to plan, but hard to master.

11. Line Rider

This game lets you be part of the fun. Using a pencil tool, draw a series of lines that interconnect to form a road of sorts. Once satisfied, click PLAY and a small creature on a motorcycle will ride through it, subjected to whatever bump, ramp, or ditch you injected onto the map.

12. Tone Matrix

This one will not only waste your time, but will also drive your cubical mates crazy, which is a nice perk for an already awesome game. Tone Matrix allows you to select a series of squares that each plays a tone, functioning as a synth of sorts. You can create music loops and sequences that will play endlessly.

13. Tactical Assassin

If you like shooting, and you like sniping, then you will never get away from this game. You play as a sniper and are given missions to accomplish. The missions grow increasingly more difficult as you progress.

14. Run, Run

You play as a cat that is trying to escape from a warehouse for unknown reasons. There are blocks of wood in the way. You do both big jumps and small jumps with each room becoming progressively harder.

15. Ball Dropping

This is similar to Tone Matrix, only with less control over the output and more fun. Balls drop from the sky onto lines you draw. The height of the line will control the sound. You can add or remove balls and change gravity.

16. Trap the Cat

Click the light green buttons to make them dark green with the objective to trap that cat in the center of the screen.

17. Contraption

The entire premise of this game is to build a contraption that will accomplish a goal. Similar to the water pipe game on the iPhone, it is quite addictive and gets very hard.

18. Coaster Maker

Make your own rollercoaster and have unfortunate (or not) individuals test them.

19. Hardest Game

It touts itself as the World’s Hardest Game. Give it a shot and see if it is. You know you’re curious. Go ahead, click it.

20. Hardest Game 2

Apparently the claim that the previous game was the world’s hardest was incorrect, as this is its sequel, and it’s the hardest.

21. Hedgehog Launch

Launch hedgehogs into the sky for points. You’re on a mission to earn $50 by making the hedgehogs fall on a platform.

22. Zombie Wars

It’s very simple: kill the zombies and stay alive.

23. Tower Defense

Build a city of towers and then defend them against a herd of little picketing balls with annoying voices.

24. Jeu Chiant

Basically, I think this game is impossible to master, which makes it an incredible time-waster. You are playing one sided pong, but your paddle is connected to a straight line with a ball on it. When you move the paddle, the line moves, the ball rolls, and if you’re not careful, it falls off the edge and you lose.

25. Connect the Dots

Yeah, good luck with this one.

26. Snowball

You start out on a ski slope as a measly snowball, but continue to roll until you’re a multi-ton boulder that gets points for running over the abominable snowman, dogs, skiers, and cabins.

27. Car Parking

How’s your parking skills? Good? Average? Test them out with this addictive parking game.

28. Ball Toucher

yes, the titled sounds a little…odd…but the game is addictive, and an excellent way to waste a few hours.

29. Uber Breakout

It’s like Pong, only in a circle with a bullet and exploding bubbles.

30. Goo

This game lets you morph and disfigure faces with a few select tools.

31. Pop the Bubbles

A different bubble popping game than the ones above–with this one, you aim a bubble at other bubbles of the same color and fire.

32. CubeXtreme

This is a variation of the old push-the-blocks-together game, but in a visually appealing 3D environment with a realistic-looking little man.

33. Causality

In this game, you have to find creative ways to kill a bunch of stick figures going about their everyday lives.

34. Patty Whacker

Like Whack-A-Mole, only with a leprechaun instead.

35. Quickshot

This game displays 100 targets on the screen. Your mission is to shoot as many of them as you can.

36. Microbe Kombat

You’re an amoeba and you have to eat protozoans. Creative and useless.

37. PacXon

A new variation of Pacman where you eat your way through a game board while avoiding the ghosts.

38. Assembler 3

The goal is to arrange the blocks into their proper configuration. It’s a nice puzzle game for those who enjoy having to sort things out.

39. Madworld

There’s a reason this is called madworld, and that is because it’s likely to drive you crazy before you call quits. The goal is to look at two different photos and find the difference.

40. Fly through the Machine

With a creative play on words, Fly through the Machine is a game where you–can you guess it–play as a fly going through a machine. While passing through, you have to collect smiley faces to earn points.

41. Bloons

In this game, you are a monkey floating on a cloud. Your mission? To launch a spear and pop at least 50% of the balloons around you. You only get four spears, so choose wisely.

42. Achilles

You’re playing as–guess who? –Achilles! The goal is to punch your way through 300 bad guys without dying. An excellent waste of time. Note: Mild violence.

43. Whizzwords

Test your vocabulary to see if you actually earned that 700 on the SAT vocab section. With Whizzwords, you must use your mental lexicon to arrange as many letters as you can into as many words as you can. It’s basically one-player Scrabble meets Yahtzee.

44. DeConstruction

This game is possibly the most fun I’ve had in a while. Armed with explosives, you’re let loose in a building with one goal: tear it apart until there’s nothing left.

45. Traveler IQ Challenge

This game from TravelPod is as addictive as it is hard. Presented with a global map, you’re given a series of locations that you must pinpoint with a tiny little mouse pin. The closer you are to the ‘exact’ location on the map, the more points you get. The first six levels are easy, but then–WHAM! You’ll be scratching your head wondering if they’re still talking about Earth.

46. Mouse Click Speed

Use this Flash app to test your mouse speed. It’s quite addictive; as you’re never satisfied knowing you could have gone faster.

47. Canyon Glider

In this game, you’re at the helm of a hang glider and must navigate your way through hoops to earn points. Very well designed, a fun way to waste time.

48. Super Fishing

In theory, if one can waste hours on the side of a boat fishing, then one should also be able to waste hours in their computer chair waiting for virtual fish. Tis the theory of this game, at least.

49. Galactic Warrior

Similar to Galaga, this game puts you at the helm of a spaceship, where you must shoot down a horde of incoming alien aircraft. A simple, yet time consuming game.

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