Our friends over at TechChee recently spotted this neat new robotic technology developed by the scientists over at the University of Munich Hospital. The EyeSeeCam has been developed to track the viewpoint of the user’s pupils, this as a result then transmits data to servo actuators that can control any number of mechanical devices imaginable.


Examples include a video cameras or even a robot. It sounds extremely simple to use, in fact, the EyeSeeCam has been practically developed to adapt to us, humans.

In terms of technical specs. the device can be operated remotely via wireless lan and only requires a standard laptop with a 6-pin firewire port. While the German scientists originally created the EyeSeeCam to study patient cognitive behavior, it looks like they will also soon capitalise on the device and its idea for some profit within the commercial market.

What’s interesting is I wonder whether they have thought about helping patients with “locked in” syndrome, probably one of the most tragic results of brain injury. This technology would definitely be of therapeutic benefit in terms of helping these patients to gain more physical communication. It would be great to find out more.

[via TechChee, DVICE]

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3 Responses to Latest in technology EyeSeeCam tracks your eye movements to control robots

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    macobex says:

    This one has a very high potential. I’m thinking of integrating this one on an exoskeleton so Paralyzed people can move their whole body using their eyes. hehe.

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Jazztrio says:

    Finally! I was getting really tired of using my hand to move the mouse around…. 🙂


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