iphone-3-jailbreakJust wanted to quickly point out something to iPhone 3G users since we received a few messages earlier in the week. Its about the release of iPhone 3.0 and now of course in Beta 2, some who have access to the iPhone Dev Center have been tempted to update.

You will already know what great features iPhone 3.0 offers, the latest release of iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 even does abit more. Firstly, APIs for the iPhone’s Push Notification Service have finally been thrown into the firmware, for some reason it wasn’t in the previous version. Secondly, Beta 2 of OS 3.0 now supports up to 11 pages of home screens of apps as opposed to currently nine.

However, iPhone 3G users whether you are currently unlocked with yellowsn0w or not unlocked but want to keep this possibility open in the future, please do not try to upgrade to the latest iPhone 3.0. If you don’t care about having your iPhone 3G unlocked and don’t think it will be necessary in the future neither then you can.

The reason is as many will know the baseband that iPhone Dev Team’s iPhone 3G unlock application works with gets upgraded once you click on the firmware update button. This to date is still not reversible.

The iPhone Dev Team also warns that using the recently released unofficial QuickPwn is dangerous, yes it may offer a jailbreak solution for those who have updated to the latest 3.0 Beta 2 but it may bring with it serious consequences:

That’s because QuickPwn, by its very nature, requires you to already have accepted Apple’s official IPSW, along with its baseband update.  If you do that, you will (possibly forever) lose your ability to software-unlock your iPhone 3G.

It doesn’t look like the iPhone Dev Team will be releasing or updating their existing tools anytime soon, mainly because its unecessary for firmwares in beta which already itself contains lots of bugs.

If you want more information, please get in touch for clarification on anything (if we can’t answer it, we’ll help you ask someone who can) or visit the nice people at iPhone Dev

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One Response to iPhone 3.0 Beta 2: Don’t upgrade if want to keep iPhone 3G unlocked

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    Dan says:

    Someone please help! I upgraded to 3.2.3 and changed my BB to 5.12.1…. I cannot unlock or jailbreak anymore! What can I do.

    Please email me: dlewk21@yahoo.com

    I am willing to pay someone to solve this for me!!!

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