MacMod member EdsJunk / Eddie Zarick has modified the Apple logo on his MacBook (now on eBay I believe, what great promotional skills!) to act as a second video display. There’s a video embedded below showing it playing Quicktime videos and the iTunes visualizer, though limited on specs, this mod looks to have given it a resolution of at least 640×480.


Check out the demo video below…

[via Likecool]

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2 Responses to EdsJunk MacBook Apple LCD logo mod in action

  1. 1
    Internet Age says:

    It reminds me of the small front LCD on my old Motorola clamshell cellphone. Great idea, but it will add unnecessary cost to OE equipment. Maybe high end units will adopt this?

  2. 2
    Eddie Zarick says:

    Hey guys.. I got a lot of emails asking how i did the MacBook Logo LCD Mod.. so i have put full tutorial on my website! With pictures and everything! thought your readers might enjoy this.

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