We received some pretty cool LED flashlights from Spotlight last week. For those who have not heard of them before, Spotlights are 12V rechargeable led flashlights / torches, which charge using car’s cigarette lighter. It may be the solution when you need that bit of extra light in your car. For example, if you have dropped something under your seat and you are desperate to find where they were, on the other hand for emergencies, its good to have a torch handy and full of battery when its required.


While there isn’t a whole lot to mention, because its dead simple to use. We have taken a few pictures for you guys to browse about and have a look. For something that costs $19.95, its not a bad deal. The packaging and the quality of the spotlights were above our expectation. I particularly liked the turn to charge or switch on design, very useful and well thought out. The only suggestion I would make is probably the ability for these lights to be rechargeable also by usb (a mini usb port perhaps), I realise this is not the point of spotlight but charging for seven hours for a full charge is quite sometime and definitely not realistically achievable unless you’re a lorry driver! Use of usb would certainly come in handy when light is needed elsewhere from the car.

Here are the main product specifications:

  • High output .5 watt LED bulb
  • Colourful anodized aluminum body
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Fits most 12 volt automotive style power outlets
  • Red glow ‘charging’ indicator
  • 120+ minutes per charge, charges in 7 hours

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