When we were sent the Vector Tanks app for download off the iTunes App Store for a review, the instant I saw those gameplay screenshots I was overwhelmed by a burst of long forgotten memories. Indeed if you’re old enough, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. Battlezone, the 80’s game which as simple as it looked was once a popular, addictive game which brought myself lots of joy through its then unique vector, wireframe style gameplay as in the latest Vector Tanks, screenshots below.

For those who don’t know exactly how this game is played, the only thing you need to remember to do is fire! It’s a first person 3D tank shooting game with a vector based battlefield display. Within the game, you’re faced two types of enemies, tanks and jeeps, your only goal in Vector Tanks is to blast the opposition to bits whenever they appear on your screen or on your radar. Enemy tanks do fire explosive shells back at you which means you need to avoid them the best you can, while mines punish haphazard driving as you engage in battle. The only comment we have to add is that unfortunately this isn’t a multiplayer supported game, on else it would have been perfect!



Apart from shooting and firing nukes and explosive shells, controlling your tank is simple. This is done via two gauges on the left and right sides of the screen, just like vertically-oriented analogue sticks, moving the green squares up and down the gauges allows you to move forward, backward, and turn. Moving forward, for instance, means pushing both up equally. If you want to turn right and move forward, you push the left gauge up further than the right one.



From how long we’ve played so far, we can tell you that Vector Tanks is plain simple and takes you only minutes to learn (in fact, there aren’t any instructions, as you won’t need it!), yet offers hours of continuous fun. In terms of a source for fun factor, it may appear to be like the good old Battlezone and you may consider it so, but its then got to be Battlezone 2. Though its still the same wireframe style display you’re looking at, its been much improved, plus its not just the addictive retro arcade gameplay that you get to appreciate when you buy this app, its the enjoyment you get from the much improved graphics and animation in the palm of your hands on your handheld iPhone / iPod Touch!

Check out the gameplay video below:

Check out Vector Tanks on the App Store here

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    Yes! I Played this on a friend’s iPhone last week and was instantly transported back to the smell of travelling funfair arcades in the 80’s. Happy days.

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