So after some geekiness this morning, let’s get back on track and show you some interesting gadget dissection findings courtesy of iFixIt. The folks there recently got their geeky surgical hands on Apple latest MacBook Pro which features a new type of battery technology which as you would expect from the likes of the Apple iPhone – it’s not removable (by ourselves that is).


So as you will have already guessed, this new MacBook Pro battery is actually removable. found out that the battery is actually removable. Though requiring bottom chassis access, the battery was not difficult to replace or remove. Apple secured the battery with three tri-wing battery inside the MacBook Pro’s case. But the main good news is that users can definitely replace the battery by themselves but it will most likely break Apple’s warranty.


iFixIt plans to sell replacement battery for the 17-inch Unibody MacBook Pro, which usually is cheaper than Apple’s $180 battery replacement program.


If you’re keen and want to know exactly how to take apart the new 17-inch MacBook Pro you will definitely find the below link useful, but this is definitely not for the faint hearted!

[via iFixIt]

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