Mark Wilson over at Gizmodo has been testing different Microsoft operating systems on a few laptops, in particular netbooks. At first he tried Vista but that didn’t go well at all. Then he decided to install Windows 7 on the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 simply because he had nothing to loose. The Mini 12 is a 12-inch Intel Atom netbook and his had 1GB of RAM, surprisingly its gone well for him so far, in his opinion the netbook runs Windows 7 even better than Windows Vista. Though start menu and programs would still lag, plus aero needs to be deactivated, but does this still support the fact that Microsoft has done a good job so far with improving Windows 7 beyond Vista?


Read the full first impressions article at Gizmodo here

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One Response to Windows 7 runs on Dell Mini 12 netbook

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    andres leon says:

    Do you know the driver for dell mini 12 for windows 7?, I cant’t finded, do you have any solution?

    thnak you very much


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