Cute girl and her Android tattoo

On January 6, 2009, in Geeky, by KLS

Who says cute girls can’t have geeky tattoos? Natalie “Kommodore” Thompson just loves open source, she’s now shown to everyone that she’s serious about it by commiting a tiny part of the skin under her forearm with the Android tattoo pictured below.


[via BBG]

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8 Responses to Cute girl and her Android tattoo

  1. 1
    Michael D. says:

    Wow. This is truely a statement: A beautiful woman with an excellent tatoo. I am happy this picture exists. This is possibly the hottest picture I've ever seen on the internet, and that's saying something. I couldn't resist commenting. I just thought the world should know that I love this picture.

  2. 2
    ht says:

    yah but shes kinda ugly

  3. 3
    Asma says:

    the star looks like mika nakashima's tattoo. its gorgeous.

  4. 4
    Dean says:

    Ugly? Her face is stunning. Not a fan of her personal style but hey…

  5. 5
    Dean says:

    Ugly? Her face is stunning. Not a fan of her personal style but hey…

  6. 6
    Joseph says:

    Thats the shittiest Android tattoo i've seen yet. Should have paid a little more and got some quality work done. She's cute though.

  7. 7
    SHane says:

    wow shes beautiful! Who is she?

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