Does mobile bullying exist? Apparently so and especially here in the UK, it seems all sorts of bullying occur just right under our nose. That’s why T-Mobile UK, TimeBank and Diana Award have joined forces to support TxtUp (based in the UK), a relatively new site which has been created to provide tips to teens on how to fight against online and mobile bullying.

TxtUp StandUp - working to help fight mobile bullying in the UK

The idea for TxtUp Stand Up came from a group of young people (aged 16-21) that were invited by T-Mobile and TimeBank to come up with ways that mobiles could be used to raise awareness of bullying or help people that are being bullied. T-Mobile’s employees volunteered their time and know-how in communications and mobile networking. TxtUp Stand Up is about the positive actions that you can take and is a way of sharing tips with others that may be in the same situation.

Young participants gave their input all the way through and came up with the TxtUp StandUp name. Participants from TimeBank’s youth projects provided the initial content for the site and tips.

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So if you’re in a similar situation but feel embarrassed about it, you can simply visit TxtUp anomously and learn about tips that worked and solved the same problem for others like yourself, click here to visit TxtUp

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