Check out these pretty amazing high tech luxurious hoovers. Not only do the Miele S7 vacuum cleaners look like it came from outer space thanks to the front LEDs, sensors, and LCD screen, but also because of its smart design, which allows it to twist in every direction to the point of laying flat and transform with all kinds of built-in contraptions.

The Miele S7 has LED lights to illuminate every place it reaches while you suck pizza crumbles, Lego pieces, and dead spiders thanks to a 1,800-watt engine, built-in sensors that adjust speed and height depending on the surface and a six-litre vacuum bag. The S7 has a twisting head design that allows it to turn into every direction possible, including laying down on the floor, completely flat.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this one comes with all the different accessories to clean special surfaces built in its own body. Therefore, there’s no need to go to the closet to get them.

The range includes five different models that vary in price and function from the lemon yellow S7210 at £249 to the LED-controlled S7580 pictured here at £370.

[via Newlaunches]

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    Wow! They look areally futuristic!

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