Remember when we featured Swype, one of the newest concepts in typing emails and texts on mobile / portable devices? Now we’ve got something very similar on an iPhone app called WritingPad.

The free productivity app WritingPad quietly and neatly eliminates the problem of stabbing the iPhone’s keyboard in order to type an e-mail or note. Instead of entering letters one by one and waiting for the predictive text to kick in (which I spend alot of time doing!), you use your finger to trace a line from one letter to the next, so it will essentially looks like a squiggle on the keyboard, but it renders as a letter.

You don’t have to concern yourself with avoiding letters you don’t need, or with double letters like o’s or n’s. You don’t even have to worry about manually entering a space between letters because WritingPad will do that, too. In the event your word isn’t in the predictive list, it helpfully lets you add one to the library by entering it letter by letter and then pressing the Space key.

WritingPad struggles with “I’m” and makes it hard to easily access common symbols like the exclamation mark. It also won’t work in landscape mode at this point. The biggest downside to me is that getting the app won’t allow you to use WritingPad as a replacement text input method for your e-mail inbox or SMS which is a shame, but these are minor problems when you consider you gain the convenience of being able to mail notes to your contacts.

Remember WritingPad is free and is available for instant download from the AppStore, if you would like more info, we suggest you visit the ShapeWriter link here

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