The folks over at iFixit who previously also dissected a whole bunch of other gadgets like the iPhone 3G loves to take things apart, this time he gets his hands on the beautifully assembled new MacBook Pro (click to enlarge):

Guess what the coroner found out? Quite interesting actually:

  • The optical drive is identical in the MB and MBP, and it’s SATA
  • MBP RAM isn’t tough to replace, but hard drive requires a Torx screwdriver
  • The keyboards can be user-serviced, but require removing 56 screws first
  • “Unibody” construction is “elegant”
  • “The new MacBook is really a 13″ MacBook Pro. It uses the same design, and same manufacturing quality”

Alot more pictures available at iFixit

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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