Just a day after the Palm Treo Pro was officially announced, fellow bloggers at Gizmodo have already received theirs for abit of hands on play. Though no review is yet available, the pics below are probably the closest thing you will see before the phone officially goes on sale. The phone looks attractive and doesn’t look like something that will put non-business men/users off and I’m not even a Palm user myself! Here is what Gizmodo have said about the phone so far…

The flush touchscreen is about as responsive as previous offerings and the 320×320 resolution looks bright and crisp. The 3G internet operates at full speed and call quality is nice and clear. Other features like GPS seem on par with that on the 800w, though Palm’s own chat-style SMS interface is missing this time around. Palm is selling the phone without a carrier, opting for the unlocked route (win!). And like the Palm 800w, the hardware seems more than adequate to run WIndows Mobile 6.1.

[via Gizmodo]

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