Here is another freeware we came across over the internet that I thought was quite useful and deserved a mention. It’s currently top ten in system utilities on CNET and it’s proven to be quite popular amongst advanced PC users, yes, unfortunately not for Macs.

SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. (click here to find out what S.M.A.R.T. means) info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported. SpeedFan also supports SCSI disks too.

At the lowest level, SpeedFan is an hardware monitor software that can access digital temperature sensors, but its main feature is that it can change fan speeds (depending on the capabilities of your sensor chip and your hardware) according to the temperatures inside your pc, thus reducing those unnecessary noise that fan of yours have been making!

SpeedFan can:

  • handle almost any number of South Bridges
  • handle almost any number of hardware monitor chips
  • handle almost any number of temperature readings
  • handle almost any number of voltage readings
  • handle almost any number of fan speed readings
  • handle almost any number of PWMs

Here are a few screenshots…

Speedfan Freeware Tool Energy

Speedfan Freeware Tool Energy Temperature Config 490x365

Speedfan Freeware Tool Energy Charts

Compared to other softwares like Localcooling with similar aim to achieve a more eco-friendly PC experience by reducing electricity usage, SpeedFan is much more suited for advanced users. However, if you’re up for thorough customisation of how your system performs (using its detailed charts) SpeedFan should be a good choice…

Click here for further details and also the download link…

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