Not very long ago, we heard rumors that the next iPhone would come in 3G and that the reason the present iPhone doesn’t have 3G was because it would be too demanding for the iPhone’s battery, emptying it in just minutes! Analysts then said, the next iPhone if it was to come in 3G then it will be equipped with OLED display since it would consume less power – basically the only way to maintain good battery life and have 3G capability.

Now what we have here are pics (actually just one picture) of what could be what I described above, the next iPhone!

Rumored 3G Apple iPhone pics - could this be the real thing???

It’s just a picture of the back, thus my skepticism. But if this was the real thing, I would be quite impressed because I like what they have done to it, giving it a shiny black finish makes the iPhone different and stand out from the iPods.

[via GeekyGadgets, CrunchGear]

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2 Responses to Rumored 3G Apple iPhone pics – could this be the real thing???

  1. 1
    Jarred says:

    If this is the 3G iPhone i will definitely be purchasing one. I like the black finish, it seems like it won’t smudge as much as the iPod.

  2. 2
    wPlop says:

    Wow that looks pretty real. If it is, I think it looks better than the current iPhone.

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