Not entirely sure when this video was, but with the increasing popularity of Top Gear, any of their videos are a great gem for entertainment! In this short video, Richard and the Stig race their radio controlled gadgets across a track, the only difference between their vehicles is size and perhaps speed?

The Top Gear engineering team gave the G-Whiz a few more volts in the battery department, some big racing tires for the rear and — umm — turned it into a remote controlled car. Witness the devastation unleashed upon the track by a Stig-controlled G-Wiz and the RC-gasmic explosive conclusion

[from via Jalopnik]

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5 Responses to G-Whiz electric car vs R/C toy car – Top Gear video

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    Mark says:

    I have always thought the G-Wiz as an apt car for city commuting. After the crash test I was quite apprehensive about the safety provided by this little small cute car.

    But now GoinGreen has released the new G-Wiz i, which is pretty cool and assures a lot more safety.

  3. 3
    Kin says:

    Thanks for the video Mark, great find!

  4. 4
    Sam says:

    I missed that episode! Top Gear has many great, and wacky, automotive competitions.

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    seward says:

    Hi love more details looking to purchase a small urban electric car

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