G-Whiz electric car vs R/C toy car – Top Gear video

On January 2, 2008, in Uncategorized, by KLS

Not entirely sure when this video was, but with the increasing popularity of Top Gear, any of their videos are a great gem for entertainment! In this short video, Richard and the Stig race their radio controlled gadgets across a track, the only difference between their vehicles is size and perhaps speed?

The Top Gear engineering team gave the G-Whiz a few more volts in the battery department, some big racing tires for the rear and — umm — turned it into a remote controlled car. Witness the devastation unleashed upon the track by a Stig-controlled G-Wiz and the RC-gasmic explosive conclusion

[from latechnews.info via Jalopnik]

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4 Responses to G-Whiz electric car vs R/C toy car – Top Gear video

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    Mark says:

    I have always thought the G-Wiz as an apt car for city commuting. After the crash test I was quite apprehensive about the safety provided by this little small cute car.

    But now GoinGreen has released the new G-Wiz i, which is pretty cool and assures a lot more safety.


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    Kin says:

    Thanks for the video Mark, great find!

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    Sam says:

    I missed that episode! Top Gear has many great, and wacky, automotive competitions.

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