Steve Jobs has commented that he will not tolerate emerging sites like iphoneSimFree and …etc… from continuing to breach the Apple iPhone’s sim lock. With increasing number of service providers, companies and carriers in different countries now offering the iPhone for sale, Apple obviously has the duty to protect the right of those companies involved while at the same time not let Apple’s fame drift further away and become overwhelmed by more emerging iPhone hackers across the globe…

With the UK and countries from the EU like France and Germany beginning to prepare for iPhone launch, is unlocking your iPhone really a smart choice? While this may be for those who have no intention of using iPhone’s bundled services and strictly just want the phone. For future users like those in the UK may not want to choose to unlock their iPhones because these hacks may possibly disable specific functions that only serve to work on that specific carrier. In other words, unlocked iPhones may loose access to many of the pre-existing services that have been built into existing tariffs in the first place.

Some have also commented that wasting money on unlocking your iPhone may not be very clever, as Steve Jobs has already realised his plans to crack unlocking hacks, Apple could easily package clever ‘cracks’ which would ‘reverse’ sim unlocking hacks and incorporate them into future iPhone updates and service packs. After all, purchasing a crack to unlock the sim lock on your iPhone is in a way like using an illegal version Microsoft Windows. Without a valid Windows CD-key, you won’t be able to run Windows Update successfully, so do you then not run it and just leave it? Or do you find further hacks for your system to hide the fact that your Windows is illegal?

At the end of the day, its just like the situation of unlocking your iPhone, everything just keeps on repeating itself, I don’t see anyone winning this battle. But maybe not getting your iPhone unlocked will save you all the hassle that was entirely unnecessary in the first place!

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